Jain Info-X

The tech hub was set up to automate processes, bring technological ease for us and more importantly our clients. We are perhaps the first advisory firm in India to have a dedicated technology set up to enhance client experience.

Founded on 16th Dec 2016, Jain Info-X brings technological support for the firm’s entire verticals. It is headed by Manish Singh who brings with over 20 years of experience in software development and IT. His team ensures that clients have a seamless experience by helping us automate manual tasks. In just two years, Manish’s team has helped us transition 80% of transaction execution capabilities paperless. The team has produced applications and software which have helped boost our productivity and improve client experience. The team is also helping us streamline and automate many integral parts of investment management, risk management and financial planning modules to achieve greater accuracy by minimizing human errors.

The key people at Jain Info-X

Manish Singh
(CEO – Jain Info-X)

Manish Singh is the backbone of the firm. As the CEO of Jain Info-X, he makes sure that all manual processes at Jain Investments are automated. With an experience spanning over 20 years in software development and IT, Manish is the brain behind all our technology initiatives.

Before joining us in 2016, he held senior positions in ICRA Online, Accord Fintech and Dion Global Solutions. Manish has completed his Master in Computer Science (Software) from University of Allahabad . When he is not coding, he likes to play squash and badminton.

Vinod Jain
(Founder and Managing Director)

Vinod Jain is the founder and managing director at Jain Investment.

He began his financial services career with Birla Sun Life Distribution where he handled finance followed by a brief stint with India’s largest bourse National Stock Exchange. A chartered accountant (Merit holder) with B.A. (Hons.) Economics under his belt, Vinod founded Jain Investment, a boutique wealth advisory firm in 2001 with a vision to help investors make smart investment choices.

A number cruncher and astute stock picker, Vinod has been investing in markets since the age of 19. He has been managing the firm’s domestic Portfolio Management Service (PMS) registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the offshore fund Assetica India Equity Fund domiciled in Mauritius. Both funds have delivered benchmark beating returns by protecting downside risk.

Vinod also serves on the board of Foundation of Independent Financial Advisors (FIFA), a professional association of financial advisers, where he advises the board on policy framework for developing and nurturing mutual fund distribution community.

He is regularly quoted in media and has been featured in several news portals and publications like Mint, Business Standard, Morningstar, Cafemutual and ET Wealth.

Before founding Jain Investment, Vinod coached in colleges and trained CA students during his early days, a passion which he continues to pursue by holding weekly trainings for his staff on subjects ranging from portfolio construction, choosing right funds to behavioral finance.

Vinod spent his childhood in Rajasthan’s small town Pali and subsequently moved to Mumbai. Outside finance, his interest lies in reading books and playing badminton.

Vinod coachs his daughters Sasha & Tasha that stock market is not just for grown-ups. When Sasha turned 10, Vinod made her list down her favorite brands/companies she uses every day at home. She invested Rs 5 lakh in these companies. Today at the age of 16 years, Sasha’s piggy bank has shares worth Rs 31 lakhs grown at 30% per annum! Vinod believes Sasha has one-year advantage over Warren Buffet in her investment journey.

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Harshit Singhvi

After his college, Harshit would spend his evenings at his father’s jewelry business. In 2007, his family winded up this venture. He went solo in his second innings by starting a broking firm and subsequently partnered with us for Portfolio Management Services in 2010. Harshit’s broking firm has now been acquired by Jain Investment. He is a partner in Jain Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd, our portfolio management services division. Away from work, Harshit enjoys playing football with the team every Friday. He is also learning to play the piano, a dream he has harbored since his school days.