Jain Info-X was set up to transition our operational activities from physical to digital. We are perhaps one of the few companies in financial advisory space which has a dedicated IT support firm.

Started in February 2016, the company is led by Manish Kumar who brings with him over two decades of experience in IT and technology. The backbone of Jain Investment, Jain Info-X provides back office and technology support to the company. In just two years, almost 90% of our manual processes have been automated.

For instance, an order to buy stocks for your portfolio was earlier taking one hour. Now, this has been cut to just five mins. This not only saves time, eliminates human errors, and saves costs, but it also helps you get the best prices while buying securities. Automation helps us handle bulk transactions in minimal time.

A number of tasks such as executing buy/sell order, brokerage processing for partners, client onboarding, filling applications, etc. has become online. Also, starting a SIP is now completely online.

We believe our partners should focus on their core competencies which is meeting and advising clients. By automating their manual tasks, we have helped partners and their clients experience the ease of investing 24/7 from any corner of the world seamlessly.

Automation is a win-win for us, our clients and employees. Experience technology.